Sarah Perlis – Custom Made Wedding and Engagement Rings

In today’s world of pre-processed, pre-packaged programs, more and more couples are trying to find ways to make their special event stand out.  Manhattan-based jewelry designer Sarah Perlis has found one way to help couples make their wedding day intimate, personal, and completely unique to their tastes and personalities. Sarah Perlis has entered the wedding industry, creating custom made wedding and engagement rings, allowing one’s ring to have emotional substance and meaning.

Sarah offers one-on-one consultations with couples, where they are invited to relax in Sarah’s Lower East Side studio and walk through the process of creating the perfect wedding ring for their particular taste. Even if couples are not sure what they want when the walk in the door, Sarah offers creative and insightful advice, helping to guide the couple until they have found the perfect ring to commemorate their devotion to one another.

Sarah’s use of organic materials, including 22-karat recycled gold and organic gemstones, also add a unique element to these pieces, and allow customers the knowledge and assurance that they are being environmentally and ethically sound when creating their ring!

Learn more about Sarah and her services on her website
Create Custom Wedding Ring
Custom Made Wedding Ring
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Buying Cheap Wedding Accessories and Supplies

Buying Cheap Wedding Accessories and Supplies

While some people can afford large, opulent weddings, others have to stick to smaller events that are on a tighter budget. If you’re the latter, don’t worry-there are a plethora of resources online geared towards helping you throw a beautiful but inexpensive wedding.

Buying cheap wedding supplies is probably one of the most important elements to think about when you’re planning your wedding. First, figure out a budget. Without a budget, you’ll get lost and open yourself up to numerous problems.

Set a realistic budget and stick to it; this alone will help you immensely in planning your wedding. Get the help of friends and relatives, especially those adept at doing online research. There are some great deals to be had if you look in the right places.

There are a number of online stores that will help you get quality but cheap wedding supplies so that you can have the day of your dreams without the nightmare of expensive costs. One online store in particular which we used in preparing for our wedding was Confetti which has excellent deals on wedding favors, decorations, invitations, and much more.

Another thing to think about is buying in bulk. This is the most cost effective way to buy things, especially wedding favors and similar decorations. If you want to do something personal, keep in mind that some stores offer personalization free with certain items, and others charge it as an extra service.

If the store is good, they’ll have a section for you to browse by price, so you can find items in or near your price range. Examples of cheap wedding supplies include candle sets, bud vases and card holders, candy, cookies, and other edibles, bride and groom miniature photo album favors, coaster sets, soaps, mini album, ‘love’ rocks, bottle stoppers, satin edged ribbon, and a bottle opener favor with free personalized tags.

For a little bit more, you can get all of the above, including items like themed place card holders, luggage tag favors, miniature cutlery, elegant, simple and decorated picture frames, and much more.

Thus, there really is something for every budget, and there are numerous choices of excellent, cheap wedding supplies and favors. There are also excellent bulk options available that often save you a good amount. Stick to your budget, do the research, and find the best deal; you’ll have the wedding of your dreams at a price you can afford.

It may be a surprise to some but we found a great selection of personalized and non personalized wedding supplies on eBay at really cheap prices. Below is a selection of wedding supplies currently for sale on ebay.

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How You Should Plan A Unique Wedding

How You Should Plan A Unique Wedding

A wedding is a special event in life and is an occasion to rejoice, as the moments of such an event will be cherished throughout life. All of us will not marry many times, so an effort should be put into having a top one, because who knows whether there will be a second chance or not. As unique wedding ideas are in vogue now, you should try to have a really memorable and fun one with a properly planned theme, decorations and favors.

Depending on yours or the wedding planner’s creativity, there will likely be an inexhaustible number of unique ideas for your special day. It finally boils down to your tastes and the type of gathering you want. Unique possibilities can be created by the proper choice of a venue, such as an old castle, aboard a ship, a football stadium, mountain resort etc., as well as by the theme, wedding decorations and favors. Whether a winter wedding, summer, spring or fall wedding, it should be fun and memorable, as each season lends itself to enhance the beauty of the event.

To start with, your invitations can set the tone for a unique wedding, and the wedding invitation wording should be chosen carefully. Did you know that you can have your special day blessed by the Pope if you send your special day invitation to the Vatican? Now that is a great idea. Just make sure that you are following the proper invitation etiquette. You can arrange to have the special day party driven to the venue by a horse drawn carriage or by limousine, and that would be a perfect idea too. It is also possible to enhance your day by having wedding themes that are one-of-a-kind, and distinctive decorations on your special day arranged to give the event a special touch.

Create special moments by giving your loved ones flowers during your special day. Your token of love displayed in front of everybody will make them feel wonderful. Go, hug, and kiss your father or mother-in-law and make them feel special. Customized wedding invitations, elegant wedding decorations, and cute wedding favors, as they all openly display your creativity, as well as your devotion to creating a unique wedding. Along with the wedding favors, the guests will likely take the emotional moments as gifts to cherish for a long time.

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Wedding Cakes: Things to think about

Wedding Cakes: What to think about

Fantastic Wedding Cakes

When guests troop to the reception hall, they expect to see a gorgeous wedding cake proudly ensconced where everybody can see it. They are also pleasantly surprised when it tastes as good as it looks. This should be your goal when you are looking for the wedding cake of your dreams.

Wedding cakes come in wonderful designs and trimmings, and colors undreamed of. You no longer have to settle for a pristine white cake that looks so official with the traditional sugar flowers also in white or the usual hoi polloi of green, blue and pink.

Wedding cakes have fun colors ranging orange to lavender and an assortment of trimmings an inventive and creative baker can dish up. Lace, ribbons, fresh flowers and fruit, candies, grated coconut, and swarovski beads and edible fondant pearls are used for stunning decorative pieces that would send your great grandma to fits of envy.

Fondant and marzipan icing revolutionized cake decorating and new baking technology allowed the successful baking of wedding cakes in unusual shapes – cubes, triangles, hearts, harem pillows, castles, and yes, shoes and bags or your caricatures for a touch of fun. Perhaps if you could afford it, you’ll have them all for their stunning looks alone.

How to Find the Right Mix of Looks and Flavour

Planning for a fantastic wedding cake starts month before the wedding because bakers are fully booked months ahead. Your plan should include the cake recipe. Here are some ideas for your cake:

* White cake recipes
* Chocolate cakes
* Cakes with fruits and nuts

Wedding cakes may cost £1.00 a slice or £10.00. This is how bakers calculate the cost of the cake and price includes cost for frosting and flavour. For your chocolate or white cake, ask the baker how much he will charge for ganache or fruit fillings because bakers routinely charge more for specialised cakes that require special fillings and frosting. But if flavour is tops in your requirement, then shell out a little more.

For your cake icing, you can choose one to complement the cake’s recipe:

* Cream cheese icing
* Cocoa and butter sauce
* Traditional butter icing
* Meringue frosting
* Milk chocolate

Icing for wedding cakes can be made to look like swaths of silk, Venetian lace, and feathers. This will all depend on the skill and of the baker who will also present his portfolio of wonderful wedding cake designs.

Ideally, since it is your wedding, get your favorite cake recipe. The groom may also want his groom’s cake or may want a different flavoured cake. If this is so, request the baker to have a three tiered cake in different flavours.

Before You Get a Baker

Before talking to a baker, prepare to give the following information:

* Date of wedding
* Wedding motif
* Venue of reception
* Number of guests
* Number of servings for the cake

Armed with this information find a baker who has the patience to understand the visions of wedding cakes cavorting in your head and who can duplicate the exquisite flavor of your mum’s butter rum cake. If you find this gem of a baker, sign that contract at once before he can say no.

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