Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Homemade? How To Make Your Own Wedding Cake

Whether you are on a budget, getting hit by the recent economic crises, or just want to add your own personal touch then read on for tips to help you create the perfect wedding cake. Making your own cake with save you money and anywhere you can cut costs on the wedding budget is always a plus. Looking to add your own personal touch?  Then baking your own wedding cake is a great way to do so.  Don’t be fooled, you don’t have to buy new cookware in order to do this. Aside from buying some tiers and other small tools you can borrow the rest! Who can say no to the bride to be!

First thing you need to determine is the reason for choosing to bake your own? Do you Love baking, want to add your own personal touch, or just trying to save money? If you are trying to save money then you can do a beautiful chocolate biscuit cake, those are not only delicious but cost efficient. If you want to add your own personal touch then make your favorite cake, if the bride and groom have different favorites then make two smaller cakes! If you just love baking then be creative and choose a cake that represents you and your husband to be.  Keep in mind that this day and age anything goes for weddings and that includes your wedding cake. 

Next decide what style cake do you want? Do you want 3 tier, 4 tier, cup cakes, multiple cakes? Cup cakes are very popular at weddings and you avoid all the cutting, they are also easy to transport.  Another good option is a small two or three tiered cake for cutting and picture purposes and then cupcakes surrounding the cake in order to feed all the guests. Have a three tiered cake for the cake cutting and pictures and then have a flat cake in the back that matches the cake to feed all the guests. This way you don’t have to worry about transporting an enormous cake!  Have the servers delivering the cake from the kitchen and the quests will never know the difference.

Decorating your cake doesn’t have to be complicated. Fresh flowers are a cost efficient way to decorate your cake, and are usually easily ordered to match the flowers in your wedding ceremony. You can also order edible flowers.  Additionally you can go to your local craft store or baking store for decorations. If you are planning on decorating with frosting I would recommend a test run. Using items that simply need to be placed or arranged versus elaborate frosting décor will be less stressful. This way you can show a friend how to do it and have them add the final touches while you are getting ready.
What flavors do you want? It is common to have more then one cake and more then one flavor. Let’s face it, vanilla can get boring. I recently went to a wedding and they had two cakes, a chocolate cake and a vanilla mixed berry cake. The groom loved chocolate and the bride vanilla and berries, who said opposites don’t attract! I have been to weddings where they even have gluten and lactose free cakes. Most recently I heard about a wedding where they had vegan cakes as well! Know your guests and accommodate those with food allergies. Don’t hesitate to step outside the plain chocolate and vanilla world. The internet is a great resource for creative tasty combinations.

Lastly here are some additional tips:
•Complete a test run early enough to order a cake if it is a complete disaster or you just decide it will be too stressful.

•Can’t decide a on a flavor? Have each tier a different flavor, there are no rules!

•If you have your heart set on a frosting decorated cake, you can bake the cake yourself and get some quotes on a baker just doing the frosting. This is not always cost efficient so shop around and you will likely find a deal.

•Don’t skimp on the ingredients, use farm fresh, and the best quality within reason, and buy in bulk when you can.

•Never ice a hot cake and be sure the cake is cooked through.

Remember, if the cake has a few imperfections no one will notice. They will only remember how stunning you looked on your special day. 

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