Top 5 Tips for the Mother of the Bride

“What will I be wearing?”
Although there are plenty of mother of the bride outfits to choose from, don’t buy one yet before having spoken with your daughter. You have to wait with buying your outfit until your has bought her gown, as this will set the style of the wedding – and you do not want to be wearing the same colours. When you do purchase your outfit, make sure that it is not too tight. There are many women who love to buy a size smaller for weddings but this may make you feel very uncomfortable. Remember, the day is special but also long.

Mother of the bride outfits

Mother of the bride outfits

“I want to be part of the wedding too!”
Even though the wedding of your daughter is a very special day for you too, it is important not to forget that it is about your daughter or son and not about you. If you are keen on helping out or have great ideas that you’d like to discuss, do not force it upon them but simply ask or say that you would like to be a part of the wedding with helping out with ideas.

“Are you stressed?”
One simple way of helping out is to be supportive to your daughter as things might get stressful sometimes. Especially if you have a daughter who likes to be in control and therefore wants to plan everything herself, it can become overwhelming. So take your daughter out for lunch or dinner so that she can talk about the planning process. Try to listen to hear and to emphasize the things that are going well instead of focussing on the small details that are not going well.

“I don’t know what to get them!”
If the bride or groom have not mentioned any special wishes in terms of gifts then finding the right present might become a bit difficult. Make sure that whatever you buy, will have a personal touch. You could, for example, buy a picture frame of you and when your daughter was still a little girl, with a personal letter to it. The best time to give this present is in the morning, before the wedding. This will hopefully really set the tone.

“I don’t know the groom’s family very much”
The planning process of the wedding can be the perfect opportunity for you and the mother of the groom to get together and to have dinner and talk about the wedding preparations. You should also keep each other informed about what each one will wear, as you don’t want to colours to clash but rather to complement each other. Talking about this will be a great way to get acquainted and will certainly break the ice. Don’t be scared of thinking there will be awkward silences – there is plenty to talk about as it is your daughter and her son who will be marrying each other!

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