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Good Wedding Speeches Can Add To Wedding Festivities

How can there be a wedding without wedding speeches? The bride’s father is the first to do the honors, followed by the groom and then by the Best Man. At some weddings even the maid of Honor may be asked to speak a few words. The guests wait for the speeches to end before heading for the bar, and joining the celebrations.

It is not that wedding speeches are not fun. They are. Good speeches can add life and zest to wedding celebrations. But these speeches are few and far between. The majority of the speeches fall flat, because the speaker has not made adequate preparations.

Most wedding speeches are today delivered as a ritual. The bride’s father is too busy making arrangements and has not spent sufficient time reciting his lines; the groom is too overwhelmed by the occasion to stand up and deliver; and the Best Man is busy enjoying the attention to worry about the speech.

So, what should be done? Should the guests suffer the speeches in silence at wedding after wedding? Or should the speakers realize the importance of the occasion and do justice to the responsibility entrusted to them?

The speakers clearly must rise to the occasion. They must put in the same effort in their speeches as the families of the bride and groom have done in making the wedding arrangements. They must remember that they have not been asked to deliver an impromptu or an extempore speech. They had enough time and warning to get their speeches ready. Now that the time has come they must not let the guests down.

The best wedding speeches, of course, are those that are delivered at the spur of the moment. But those who are gifted give these speeches. The rest have to work hard to prepare their speeches. They must spend some time putting their thought on paper, ideally at least a month before the big day.

When doing so they should not look for smart one-liners to liven up their speeches but talk about the groom, the bride, the family and friends. The speech should not forget the guests who have taken time off their busy schedules to be present for the wedding. It’s a great family occasion, and the speeches must capture this spirit.

A good idea is to rehearse the wedding speeches. This helps eliminate unnecessary words or sentences. The speaker does not have to stutter to locate a word or a sentence. His thoughts flow smoothly. More important, they are suited to the occasion, and add to overall joy and festivities.

Below are some amusing wedding speeches (Thank you youTube) and links to sites that will provide you all the information you need to write and perfect your Father of the Bride, Groom, Best Man and Maid of Honor Speeches.

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Wedding Speeches: Preparing For The Best Man Wedding Speech

Wedding Speeches: Preparing For The Best Man Wedding Speech

The Best Man’s Wedding Speech
As the best man, your role is to extend the guests’ sentiments to the newlyweds. If you’re the best man, you’re probably close to the groom or to the couple and you probably know a story or two about them. You can talk about their story. You can talk about your relationship to the groom. You can talk of personal stories you share with the groom or the couple. Don’t forget, however, that the primary purpose of the wedding speech of the best man is to share to the couple the best wishes of all the guests.

Wedding speeches, in general, should be memorable. Traditionally, it should leave the guest guffawing. However, best men should avoid telling humiliating stories. People do not really like to hear stories of how the groom cheated on the bride before the wedding or what the groom did on his bachelor party. Those stories are taboo.

Preparing for Best Men’s Wedding Speeches
If you shied away from speaking in public all your life, the thought of standing in front of a lot of people can be intimidating. You can’t possibly pretend sickness just so you can avoid talking in front of the public. Being the best man is a great honor. It is a proof that the groom trusts you and holds you in highest regard. You cannot possibly say no. You cannot even give any excuses. Excuses are considered great insults. Since you cannot just go to the wedding and skip the reception afterwards, you need to prepare yourself before the Big Day. There are a lot of speeches that you can probably memorize or at least inspires you to write your own speech. The latter option is preferable. You’ll never go wrong.

You can visit the public library and look for litteratures on speeches. You will probably find a couple of speeches you’d like. You can copy parts that are useful and then you can improvise with your own funny stories and throw in some compliments to the bride. Stick with compliments when you talk of the bride.

Good luck!

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